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Chester FC V Halifax – Thursday 13th February 2014 Live on BT Sports

I am delighted to announce that Chester FC have made an exclusive offer to all CDFL clubs of reduced admission prices of £10 for their televised home game against Halifax on Thursday 13th February 2014. The game will be televised live on BT Sports.

This gives you a fantastic saving and also enables you to have the chance to see your selves on the TV!
Please show your support to both the CDFL and Chester FC by taking up this very generous offer.
If you are interested please let me know asap so as names can be collected and forwarded to Chester FC. Your name will then be put on the VIP list for the day and your discount will be issued on the day.
I do hope you take up this offer and help to return some of the support that Chester FC have shown to the CDFL over the last three years.

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