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Hall of Fame – Doug Johnson

208Doug refereed in Chester & District, the Cheshire League and other non-league football from the early 1950’s prior to his retirement to concentrate on football administration, in which he became a master craftsman.

He soon joined CDFL and in 1964 was assisting Eddie Boyle, our league secretary, with referee appointments. In those pre-computer days, he and Eddie would meet in a Helsby pub to sort out monthly fixtures which would then be delivered to the clubs by volunteers in order to save on postage! Sometime later, following the death of his father, the league press correspondent, he took over the role himself under the pseudonym “Linesman”.

He became our Chairman in 1974 following the death of Jack Sylvester – an extremely hard act to follow – but had the misfortune to miss his first AGM by having a mild heart attack. Being Doug, it was no surprise to the assembled members at the AGM when they were played a recording of his inaugural address, which he had made from the comfort of his hospital bed.

Further to his CDFL exploits he became, firstly, Secretary to the Chester & District FA, then Chairman and finally President during a long and distinguished career. In 1987 he became a Life Member of CDFL and still found the time and energy to serve as a City Magistrate and complete a second period as our Secretary, at a time when the league was in danger of extinction.

His meritorious service to non-league football, spanning in excess of 50 years, was finally rewarded with the Football Association Long Service. He was (and still is) regarded as the “Mr. Football” of Chester and District – a sporting giant in every sense of the word.

(Doug is pictured here presenting the Premier Division Title to Castrol Social FC in 2008)