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Saturday 23rd November 2013

After a flood of requests for early kick offs on the above date due to the Everton V Liverpool game kicking off at 12.45 the CDFL have decided the following.
We are offering all clubs the opportunity to kick off at 11am. This MUST be agreed with both clubs and both clubs MUST inform the league by 17:00 Wednesday 20/11/2013 that this is their preferred option. If you take up the offer of an early kick off you must ensure that your ground is free from Junior games. Whilst the CDFL will endeavour to get every early game a referee this may not be possible if demand is high. IT IS UP TO THE CLUBS TO TALK TO EACH OTHER AND TO INFORM THE LEAGUE OF THEIR DECISION. 
If there is no common ground between the clubs then you MUST inform the league by 17:00 Wednesday 20/11/2013 and we will mediate or try to shuffle fixtures around to help clubs where possible. 
It is hoped that the vast majority of our clubs will just stick to the usual time of Kick Off and concentrate on the really important games of the day.
As always I thank you for you continued support to the CDFL and I look forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards
Paul Graham
Hon Secretary

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