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Walking Football at Vauxhall’s Sports Club


If you are over 50 and love your football, why not try walking football.  There is no running, low contact and no over head-height play.  It’s just fun, fun, fun!

Played by 7-a-side on small pitch with roll-on roll–off substitutes, you can take a breather if you need one.  Upto 3 substitutes allowed, making a team consist of ten in total.

We are looking for people (men & women) to get a team together to feature in our new Walking Football matches on 4G pitches during the working week (likely day being Tuesday from 10am until noon).

If you are interested in any way please phone

Len on 07748 303731 or Alan on 07909 646146.

It’s good for your heart and health in general to keep you active without too much effort. So give it a try soon.

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