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CWFL Player Lists 2021 – 2022

CWFL Open Age Teams

Black Horse FC

Blacon Youth FC Reserves

Cestrian Alex FC

Chester Nomads III FC

Christleton FC

Ellesmere Port FC

FC Duddon Utd

Groves Athletic FC

Helsby FC

Higher Bebington Kelma FC

Hoole Rangers FC

Hoole Rovers FC

Neston Nomads FC

Orange Athletic Chester FC

Port Sunlight Nomads FC

Princes Villa FC

Rossmore Rangers FC

Runcorn Sports FC

St Joseph’s FC

Shaftesbury Youth Club FC

Unitor FC

Upton JFC

Waggon & Horses FC

Winsford Saxons FC


CWFL Vets TeamsCWFL Tarvin Precision Vets Division

Ashton Vets FC

Capenhurst Villa FC Vets

Chester Nomads FC Vets

Crossway Vets FC

Dee Rangers Vets FC

Eastham FC Vets

Ellesmere Port Red Lion FC Vets

Ellesmere Port Town Vets FC


FC Vaults Vets

Frodsham Park Vets FC

Great Float FC Vets

Great Sutton FC Vets

Hartford FC Vets

Higher Bebington Kelma Vets FC

Hooton FC Vets

Mersey Royal FC Vets

Nags Head Bunbury Vets FC

Neston Nomads Vets FC

Parkfield FC Vets

Pockets FC Vets

Queens Park FC Vets

Rake & Pikel FC Vets

Sandwich Town FC Vets

Tarvin Vets FC

Upton JFC Vets

West Kirby Utd FC Vets

Winsford Diamond FC Vets


CWFL Monday Night 11s Blacon High

Deeside Chester FC

Ellesmere Port Villa BH FC

FC UBER Blacon

Highfield Horses FC

Hoole Rangers FC

Newton Athletic FC

Ship Argyle BH FC

Trades Athletic FC


CWFL Monday Night 11s Ellesmere Port Sports Village

Chester Lions FC

Champs League Warriors FC

Crossway FC

Ellesmere Port Villa FC

Ship Argyle EPSV FC

Sutton Rangers FC


Unathletico Madrid FC

Whitby XI FC


CWFL Monday Night 11s Neston High 

Athletico Hoylake FC

Bromborough Rake FC

Glenavon Athletic FC

Lean FC

Neston Nomads Flexi FC

New Ferry Rangers FC

Sutton Rangers NH FC

The Sutton CF FC

The Tigers FC

Trades Athletic NH FC


CWFL Friday Night 11s Vauxhalls CM

Ashton Phoenix FC

Barnston FC

Chesternazionale FC

Port FC


Halton Borough Town CM FC

Ship Argyle VM FC

Southcroft Rangers FC

The Youth FC


CWFL Friday Night 11s Warrington

Albion Sports FC

Cromwell Park FC

Red Star Warrington FC

Shoreham Sabres FC

Unknown FC

UoC Warrington FC

Warrington North FC

Winwick Athletic FC

Woodhey Allstars FC


CWFL Friday Night 11s Moss Farm

AFC Broadhurst

AFC Kingsmead

Club Carter FC

FC Beer Trading

Middlewhich Tide FC

The Lodge FC

Towers FC

Weaver Fever FC

Weaverdale FC


CWFL Friday Night 11s Vauxhalls W

AC Hoylake FC

Halton Borough Town W FC

Olympic FC

Riley’s FC

Runcorn Athletic FC

The Youth FC

Tipografic FC

Wirral Allstars FC