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CWFL Final Push to End of Season

As we come out of an unprecedented season the CWFL would like to recognize the efforts of all our volunteers, clubs and players. We have waited for so long for football to resume and the efforts that everyone is putting in now to see the season through is truly inspiring. It is tough though. With so many games to play, both Saturday and Sunday Leagues, teams are now beginning to flag a little. This week we saw 8 games be awarded to opponents, as teams could not field a side. This is not only frustrating to us but also to those teams who are chasing Championships and promotion places. Whilst we acknowledge that this was always going to be an issue we would now like to ask every single player, team, club official and volunteer to make a final push to see the conclusion of the 2020-2021 season. It is great to see that things are returning to normal such as Pubs and shops opening, Restaurants opening and the opportunity to do things that have been denied us during the past 15 months. All we ask now is that everyone does everything in their power to see through your final commitments for the league fixtures thus ensuring a fair competition for everyone who has taken part.

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