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Hall of Fame – Aidie Gough

Adrian (Adie) GOUGH played his first game for Cestrian Alexandra (Alex) Football Club on 13th February 1999 and has served the Club continuously since that date.  He joined as a left winger, albeit one who had been a good scorer in that position for a Sunday League Club and was soon converted to a striker.  His first goals (2) came in the final match of that season, 15th May 1999.  His prolific scoring record began in earnest the following season (1999/2000) when he scored 36 goals and he topped this in 2000/01 with 40 goals.  In the subsequent 12 seasons up to and including 2012/13, Aide scored over 30 goals on seven occasions and only twice has he fallen below the 20 mark, one of those being season 2007/08 when he managed ‘only’ 10 goals due to being out injured for most of the period!  On two occasions Adie has scored 5 in one match but he surpassed this in 2012 by bagging a double hat trick.

Adies 400th League/Cup goal for Cestrian Alex arrived on 13th April 2013 and he added another one in the Club’s final match of the season.  In all Adie has now scored 401 goals from 341 appearances (including 12 substitute appearances).  He has only been cautioned once in his Cestrian career.

Cestrian Alex F.C. is very proud that Chester and District Football League has given Adie the great honour of being inducted into its Hall of Fame.