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Hall of Fame – Ken Hawkins

Affectionately remembered as “Hawkeye”, Ken was rumoured to have played in goal for Tarvin FC in the early 1950’s but we can’t be sure about this. What we know for certain is that he soon became a fine referee and had great success both on the field and later as an administrator. We know that he was a Class 1 referee in 1954, because we have newspaper cuttings from that season listing him in charge of important games in CDFL and in the Chester and Runcorn District FA cup competitions.

Ken was our Registrations Secretary for many years and could spot a double-signing or forged signature a mile off. He was our District representative on the Cheshire County FA and always stood up for grass roots football. His service as a member of Chester & District FA was long and loyal.

Ken was also a man of action. When the Sunday League was in danger of collapse in the mid-1960’s, Ken got together with his refereeing and work colleagues to launch a successful rescue plan. Ken remained faithful to both Chester leagues and the CDFA, even after serious illness brought about his retirement and untimely death. He even left us £500 in his will, which we used wisely to refurbish his favourite trophy, The Cayzer Shield. On a lighter note, he will always be lovingly remembered for –

(a)   acting as chief car parking controller at all league and CDFA finals, (woe betide anyone who didn’t park where they were told to), and

(b)  his pathological dislike of all dogs!

God bless you Ken, you were a star.