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Message from the CWFL

The CWFL will resume football on Monday 4thJanuary for our Flexi competitions and on Saturday 9thJanuary for our Open Age and Vets competitions.

On behalf of the Chairman and committee of the CWFL we would like to thank everyone involved in grassroots football for your understanding, patience and commitment in how this year has panned out. These have been unprecedented times and every week the CWFL has had to adapt to the ever-changing course this season and last has taken us. It has been a turbulent year with everyone looking to our “slices of normality” on Monday or Friday nights or Saturday afternoons. We have had to ask a lot from you all to ensure that we meet the guidelines and each and every one of you has accepted what needs to be done without the slightest hint of challenge or dissent. It has certainly been a learning curve for us all but your enthusiasm to keep playing football has made every second of it worth the effort. As we look forward to 2021 you can rest assured that the CWFL will keep up with our efforts to keep everyone playing as much football as these times allow.

 We wish you all the very best Christmas possible and a better 2021.

 Stay Well, Stay Safe and we will see you all in 2021.


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