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Respect Campaign

This coming season the CDFL will be actively re-promoting the FA’s Respect Campaign. A copy of the codes of conduct can now be found on the League Documents page. All clubs are reminded that this is a RESPECT LEAGUE. In order to participate in the CDFL you must also fully comply with all that this entails. As you are aware, the 2012-2013 season will see the start of the Respect Marking System. This is where all clubs will be marked for Sportsmanship, Attitude and Hospitality. Action will be taken against any club who falls short and continually achieve low marks. As such, a copy of these codes of conduct will be e-mailed to each club. It is the responsibility of the club to ensure that ALL your players, club officials and coaches and spectators read a copy and adhere to them. It is advisable to get them to sign a copy to say that they have read it. Please make sure this is done and lets all look forward to a successful and enjoyable season.

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